How to switch Java versions in Windows - feature image

by Sven Woltmann – March 17, 2020

As a Java programmer, I work on various projects based on different Java versions, especially since the transition to the six-month release cycle. From time to time, I also have a piece of Java code that I want to try out on different Java versions – on the command line without having to click through

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Java - How to Hack Integer and String With Deep Reflection - feature image

by Sven Woltmann – March 11, 2020

I am currently reading the book “The Pragmatic Programmer” by Andrew Hunt and David Thomas. In this book, the authors give the following task: Which of these “impossible” things can happen? […]3. In C++: a = 2; b = 3; if (a + b != 5) exit(1); […] One of the correct answers is 3.

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