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7 time complexity classes on 1 page:

The Big O Cheat Sheet

Use this FREE 1-page PDF cheat sheet as a reference to quickly look up the 7 most important time complexity classes (with descriptions + examples).
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Big O Notation Cheat Sheet - Free PDF

Whats in the Big O Notation Cheat Sheet?

The cheat sheets list the essential information about these seven time complexity classes on one page.

  • Constant Time – O(1)
  • Logarithmic Time – O(log n)
  • Linear Time – O(n)
  • Quasilinear Time – O(n · log n)
  • Quadratic Time – O(n²)
  • Exponential Time – O(2n)
  • Factorial Time – O(n!)

Need a deeper introduction to O notation and time complexity?

Then feel free to check out the following introductory article:

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