Java Training (In-House)

My in-house courses bring your developers up to speed on the latest Java technology and get them ready to develop highly scalable Java enterprise applications and microservices.

I teach the courses in either English or German.

CourseDurationBase priceAdditional
Java Lambdas and Streams1 day2,500 €200 €
Java Concurrency – the Right Way3 days
4 days
7,350 €
9,700 €
590 €
780 €
New Language Features in Java 8 to 172 days4,950 €400 €
Rapid Microservice Development With Quarkus1 day2,500 €200 €
Static Code Analysis With Maven and GitHub Actions
(Detecting bugs, code smells and security vulnerabilities with
PMD, SpotBugs, Checkstyle, SonarCloud, sshgit, Trivy)
1 day2,500 €200 €

The basic price includes 10 course participants each. You can find the price for each additional participant in the last column. The maximum number of participants is 20; otherwise, I can no longer sufficiently address individual participants.

Prices are exclusive of VAT applicable at the training location and travel expenses from Berlin.

Example calculations:

  • Course "Java Concurrency", 3 days, 15 participants, training location Germany:
    7,350 € + 5 × 590 € = 10,300 € plus 19% VAT plus travel expenses
  • Course "New Language Features", 12 participants, training location France:
    4,950 € + 2 × 400 € = 5,750 €; French VAT is paid by the client (reverse charge).

Why Book With Me?

I have years of practical experience in the curriculum of all courses (see my CV), which I'm now passing on to my students. The courses are designed to be very practical. Short theoretical introductions are followed by detailed exercises, mostly with examples from real projects¹.

During the course, I like to address specific challenges your developers face and emphasize topics that are particularly important to them.

I will adjust the course pace to the knowledge level of the participants if necessary. It might then not be possible to cover all topics.

Send your inquiry to [email protected].

¹ I can customize the exercises to examples from your company. Please indicate this separately in your request.