Java Lambdas and Streams [Course]


After a short theory section, we refactor a legacy application by replacing anonymous classes with lambdas and method references at appropriate locations and replacing complex and nested loop constructs with elegant streams and collectors.

In the theory part, we cover the following basics:

  • What are functional interfaces?
  • What types of lambdas are there?
  • What are method references?
  • What are the advantages of a stream over traditional code structures?
  • What stages does a stream consist of? (Creation, parallelization, transformation, filtering, termination).

We will also discuss during the practical part when it does not make sense to use streams, even if it is technically possible.

You can combine this course very well with "New Language Features in Java 8 to 17".

Target Audience

  • Java developers who want to become familiar with lambdas, method references and streams introduced in Java 8 or who want to strengthen their existing knowledge.


  • Practical experience with Java
  • Workstation with 16 (or higher)
  • Java IDE: I use IntelliJ and recommend this to my students as well. But you can also use Eclipse.

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Course Info

Trainer: Sven Woltmann

Duration: 1 day

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