Rapid Microservice Development with Quarkus [Course]


We'll work together to build a REST web application using Quarkus, the "Supersonic Subatomic" Java microservices framework, which differs from traditional frameworks in that it starts about five times faster and uses 50-70% of the memory.

You'll learn about development mode, which lets you evaluate code changes without recompiling and restarting.

You will learn what a Quarkus extension is, how to browse the available extensions and how to add them to the application.

With Panache, you can quickly create repository classes and database queries without writing SQL or JPQL queries. You can have Hibernate automatically propagate changes to entity classes to the database.

You'll also learn how to provide health checks with minimal effort, provide standard and custom metrics (using the OpenMetrics standard), and enable tracing (using the OpenTracing standard).

In the end, we speed up the startup to a few milliseconds and the memory footprint from a few megabytes by compiling our application into a native application using GraalVM.


  • Practical experience with Java
  • Workstation with Java 16 (or higher)
  • Java IDE: I use IntelliJ and recommend this to my students as well. But you can also use Eclipse.

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Course Info

Trainer: Sven Woltmann

Duration: 1 day

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