Java – How-Tos and Tutorials

On this page, you find an overview of how-tos and tutorials about Java.

New Java Features

Every new Java release brings big and small changes:

  • Changes to the language itself (lambdas, the module system, var, switch expressions, text blocks, records, pattern matching, sealed classes, ...),
  • API enhancements and
  • Performance improvements under the hood.

In this series of articles, you will learn everything about the most important changes in each Java release.

Java Algorithms and Data Structures

This category covers algorithms, such as sorting, search and hash functions, as well as data structures, such as collections, maps and sets, trees, queues, deques, and stacks – both in general and their Java implementations.

Advanced Java Topics for Experts

This section covers advanced Java topics such as reflection, concurrency, garbage collection, and the Java memory model.

Article series "Files in Java"


in Java

What you'll learn
  • How to read and write text and binary files
  • Character encoding and line breaks
  • Constructing relative and absolute file and directory names with File, Path, and Paths
  • How to list all files of a directory, how to search files
  • How to move, rename, copy and delete files
  • Saving complex objects and primitive data types in binary files
  • Writing and reading files with FileChannel and ByteBuffer

Java Performance

This category deals with the performance of Java code, i.e., with which Java means a particular task can be executed most efficiently - possibly depending on the Java version. Not only is it important to know how to optimize code, but also when it is better to leave the optimization to the Java Runtime and the Hotspot Compiler.

Java Productivity

This section covers topics related to development productivity, i.e., how to develop clean, professional, and maintainable Java code faster and more efficiently.