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AVL tree with Java examples AVL Tree (With Java Code)

What is an AVL tree? How do you calculate a node's balance factor? How does rotation work and how is an AVL tree balanced? How to implement an AVL tree in Java?

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Binary search tree with Java examples Binary Search Tree (With Java Code)

What is a binary search tree (BST)? How do you insert new elements, how do you search for them, and how do you delete them? How do you implement a BST in Java? And how does it differ from similar data structures?

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Best books for programmers - feature image The best books for programmers (updated 2021)

In this article, I have compiled a list of the best books for programmers.

The books cover programming in general (hard skills and soft skills) and Java programming in particular.

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Binary Tree With Java Examples Binary Tree (With Java Code)

What is a binary tree, and what types exist? How to implement a binary tree in Java? What are its operations? What are pre-order, in-order, post-order, and level-order traversals?

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Binary search with Java examples Binary Search (With Java Code)

How does binary search work? How to implement binary search in Java? What binary search functions does the JDK provide? How fast is binary search compared to linear search?

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Floyd-Warshall Algorithm With Java Examples - feature image Floyd-Warshall Algorithm (With Java Example)

How does the Floyd-Warshall algorithm work, and when do you use it? What are its variants? How to determine its time complexity?

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Best Management and Entrepreneurship Books - feature image Best Management and Entrepreneur Books (updated 2021)

Do you, at some point, no longer want to work as an employee? But rather self-employed or even as a solopreneur or entrepreneur? Here, you'll find some excellent books on management, entrepreneurship, leadership, and startups.

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Books on Online Marketing - Feature image Best Online Marketing Books (updated 2021)

As a software developer, especially a freelancer, it is vitable to be able to market yourself well. In this article, I'll introduce you to some great books on online marketing / internet marketing.

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Best books on personal development and health - feature image Best Personal Development Books (updated 2021)

In this article, I present some great books on personal development, personal growth, health, career development, negotiations, and financial education.

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Best Time Management and Productivity Books Best Time Management and Productivity Books (updated 2021)

In this article I introduce you to some great books on productivity, personal development, career development, and financial educationentrepreneurship and online marketing.

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