Sorting in Java Tutorial - feature image

by Sven Woltmann – June 11, 2020

This tutorial explains – step by step and with many code examples – how to sort primitive data types (ints, longs, doubles, etc.) and objects of any class in Java.

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Big O notation and time complexity – easily explained – feature image-o-notation-time-complexity-easily-explained

by Sven Woltmann – May 28, 2020

In this article, I will explain the big O notation (and the time and space complexity described with it) only using examples and diagrams – and entirely without mathematical formulas, proofs and symbols like θ, Ω, ω, ∈, ∀, ∃ and ε.

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Queue, Deque and Stack in Java Ultimate Guide - feature image

by Sven Woltmann – April 8, 2020

This article explains the basic functionality of the abstract data type queue, deque, and stack, and gives a detailed overview of all implementations available in the JDK.

Numerous code examples should make it easier for you to understand.

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